Building the Future of Digital Identity in Europe

Our world is going digital.
Our day-to-day lives are more connected. There is a democratisation of online access and use. In this context, it's becoming increasingly important to have a secure, authentic and verifiable digital identity with a user-centric approach and full protection of citizens' personal data...

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6 Use Cases

eGov ServicesBank Account OpeningSIM Card RegistrationMobile Driving LicenceQualified eSignatureePrescription

eGov Services

A secure digital ID that will allow citizens to quickly and securely prove their identity as part of their online citizenship procedures.

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Bank Account Opening

A secure digital ID that can be used to open current and savings bank accounts everywhere in Europe, including across borders.

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SIM Card Registration

A secure digital ID suitable for activating pre-paid & post-paid mobile telephone contracts online, including cross-border subscriptions.

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Mobile Driving Licence

A secure digital driving licence that will be accepted by car rental agents and police officers everywhere in Europe.

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Qualified eSignature

A secure qualified digital signature that will enable all citizens across Europe to sign documents and declarations remotely.

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A secure digital way to fill or refill prescriptions anywhere in Europe.

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Launch of the European initiative

With the eIDAS 2 regulation, the European Commission intends to fully realize their vision of the cross-border European Digital Identity Wallet.

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