European Consortium for Digital Identity

POTENTIAL builds and realizes applications for testing the European Digital Identity Wallet launched by the European Commission.

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POTENTIAL illustration
POTENTIAL illustration

Envisioning Europe's Digital Identity

The PilOTs for EuropeaN digiTal Identity wALlet (POTENTIAL) consortium for Digital Identity unites 20 countries represented by their national ministries as well as third parties and aims to improve citizens’ access to trusted and secure electronic identity means and services such as electronic signatures or attestations of attributes. This shall enable citizens to store their ID in a secure digital wallet valid across borders.

The mission is to shape and realize scenarios for testing the European Digital Identity Wallet being launched by the European Commission.

POTENTIAL launches six use cases in the fields of banking, mobility, health, and administration to pilot the usage of the European Digital Identity Wallet, offering several benefits:

  • Crossing borders.

    Crossing borders.

    Digital identification that can be used both domestically and across borders throughout Europe.

  • Collaborative conformity.

    Collaborative conformity.

    Linked to the national ID of the member states and compliant with European legal frameworks.

  • Maximum security.

    Maximum security.

    Secure digital vault with full user control over data sharing.

  • Convenient user experience.

    Convenient user experience.

    User-friendly digital user experience with services available anytime and anywhere.


SIM eRegistration

Objective and Vision

Simplification and full digitalization of SIM Card registration. Citizens register and activate their SIM Cards for plan and prepaid contracts digitally within the European Digital Identity Wallet.

POTENTIAL SIM eRgistration illustration

Account Opening

Objective and Vision

Convenient and secure account opening and management. Opening a current, savings, or custody account online and anytime gives citizens more freedom to manage their bank account.

POTENTIAL eID Account Opening illustration

eDriving Licence

Objective and Vision

Driving Licence on citizens’ personal devices. Equipping citizens with an eDriving Licence, commonly known as mobile Driving Licence (mDL), allowing identity verification and licence checking at car rental services or during police checks.

POTENTIAL mobile Driving Licence illustration

eGov Services

Objective and Vision

Simplification and full digitalization of identification and authentication. Enabling citizens to use eGov services, such as online administrative procedures, with their European Digital Identity Wallet.

POTENTIAL eGovernment Services illustration


Objective and Vision

Convenient digital Qualified eSignatures. Increasing eSignature usage integrating their functionality to create qualified eSignatures.

POTENTIAL eSignature illustration


Objective and Vision

Paperless and convenient medical prescriptions. From the doctor’s prescription to pharmacy pickup, the secure European Digital Identity Wallet gives citizens secure data control. This enables access to health information and users’ control over who they wish to share their health data with and when, all over Europe.

POTENTIAL ePrescription illustration

POTENTIAL for Digital Europe

POTENTIAL unites 148 participants from 19 EU member states from Northern, Western, Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe – representing more than 70% of the European population – and Ukraine. POTENTIAL’s pilots drive European digitalization and ease numerous administrative as well as tedious identification processes in everyday situations. The aim is to vividly illustrate the possibilities, functionalities, and added value of a European Digital Identity Wallet. By involving relevant market players, POTENTIAL quickly scales solutions which build on existing market-relevant national solutions.

Starting 2023, POTENTIAL will invest more than 60 million Euro to deploy their six use cases. POTENTIAL supports the national and cross-border implementation of the new European Digital Identity Wallet. The pilots integrate relying parties as verifying entities into the use cases ecosystem. The European Commission supports the Large Scale Pilots within their Digital Europe Programme call “Accelerating best use of technologies”. POTENTIAL submitted their application in August 2022.

European map of participants

POTENTIAL member states

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Czechia
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Ukraine



With the eIDAS 2 regulation, the European Commission intends to fully realize their vision of the cross-border European Digital Identity Wallet.


POTENTIAL submits their application to the European Commission's call to test pilot use cases for the European Digital Identity Wallet.

Technical Specifications

The European Commission and eIDAS experts finalize the technical specifications of the European Digital Identity Wallet.


POTENTIAL prepares, develops and tests pilots for the integration into the European Digital Identity Wallet.


POTENTIAL tests their pilots in the context of the European Digital Identity Wallet.

End of Funding

The European Commission’s funding phases out. The pilots will have rendered the member states and Europe more sovereign in the digital era.

New eID solutions

Initiation of continuous eID solutions and application development based on the defined sustainable business strategy and roadmap.